Action Button

I need more instruction with the action button. I am not clear how to properly do point and click and the three things the action button does or disables. In other words I am confused. Sometimes the Point and Click works for me and sometimes it doesn’t. When it does I don’t remember how I did it. If it doesn’t I get a disagreeable beeping sound. Have I disabled something to cause the Point and Click to not function? Do I remember hearing at the training that it sometimes works and sometimes not?

Don’t worry. Point and click is very particular and I still get the disagreeable beep often. It takes a bit of time to get used to the process. You want to imagine that the display on the Monarch has a grid across it and make sure that the only thing breaking that grid is your finger. Lightly touch where you would like your cursor or the menu item you are activating. Make sure that the other parts of your hand are not near or touching the display area.
It takes a lot of practice! It does not sound like you have disabled anything. The point and click feature is picky and sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get where you want. Let me know if you need more assistance.

Thank you I will practice. I want it to work. I did discover yesterday when I was making a presentation about the Monarach to my fellow teachers that I can swipe the display and the cursor will move. I will say, your “You want to imagine…” above means nothing to me as I do not have a mind’s eye or ability to imagine or form mental images. It is a rare condition called aphantasia. Not many people know about it. That is why I am glad to have the assurance I have not done something and I just need to practice.