Monarch training in MD - March 2024

Just going through introductory training on the Chameleon.

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Me too, Karen! See you there!

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I’m looking forward to the Monarch training, but am a little nervous!! I have had a student use the Chameleon in the past, so I am a little bit familiar with it. I currently have a student using a Focus 40, but think the Monarch would benefit her. I’m wondering how easy it’ll be to transition her and/or have access to both devices so she can choose what she wants to use…

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I hope that you will enjoy the training and find it easy to follow and use in your work! I think that you will have a wonderful time there, and that you will find that all of your experience and your student’s experience will really benefit both of you. This is a great place for continuing to ask questions and help others who may also not be sure yet what to expect, and we look forward to hearing more from you as you go through the training and Monarch journey.

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I am the same way! I have a student who is using a Mantis Q40. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I am excited for this new opportunity!


How do you think the monarch ompares to the chameleon? My student really seemed to like the Braille display, but she is used to using something a lot smaller. She has a little bit of vision and she has been using it more, over the past couple of years in conjunction with her iPad. Does your student have vision? I’m wondering if students who have the opportunity to use both visual and tactile sense rather then just their tactile senses have different options.

How did the March training go? I did mine in January.

Hey guys!
I think I posted in the wrong spot so if you see this twice sorry.
This is my lesson with D he is an 9th grader. My lesson plan was on graphing since he is starting to work on Slopes in Algebra. Let me know what you all think.

Name: Kristina Vannoy

Date of lesson: 03/15/2024

Student included in lesson: D

Instructional objectives:
Introduce and Review commands on the Monarch. Math
Review: Turing device on and off, zooming in and out, page up and down as well as braille keyboard. Backspace key (Dot 7, to the left of Dot 3) and enter key (Dot 8, to the right of Dot 6)
Introduction to new commands:
Zooming buttons to increase and decrease details.
Learn shortcuts to know from Context Menu
• Graph viewer: Enter with G
• Graph settings: Space with Dots 3-5
• New expression: Space with N
• Modify expression: Enter.
• Insert symbols: Backspace with Dots 3-5
• Delete expressions: Backspace with Dots 2-3-5-6
• Delete all expression: Backspace with Dots 3-5-6
Demonstrate correct and appropriate use of Monarch to access and complete tasks. Student will maneuver through home screen to Math-KeyMath using the first letter method to get into the math menu. Once in the Math menu student will access shortcuts to write and graph new expressions.

Attachable monitor
Cables UBC-A, HDMI cord

~60 minutes
Anticipatory set: ~10 min
Teaching: ~10 minutes
Guided practice: ~30 min
Closure: ~10 min

Anticipatory set:
The student will be told short cut commands for Math Monarch Math-KeyMath from the context menu. Examples include new expression SPACE WITH N, graph viewer ENTER WITH G, and delete expression BACKSPACE WITH DOTS 2-3-5-6. They will complete the guided practice on their own to open the Math from the main menu, practice writing an expression, graphing it and then deleting it. Expression: y=2x+3

Teaching – input:
The teacher will discuss the activity that the student will be doing today (review orientation of Monarch and where all buttons are). The teacher will remind the student what when working with math we are dealing with Nemeth Code so the numbers are dropped down (Student will review Nemeth code signs of operation as well as rules before lesson). The teacher will encourage the student remember Nemeth code not UEB braille for this lesson. Before lesson teacher will review Nemeth code with student ( signs of operation).

Teaching – modeling:
The teacher will demonstrate how the maneuver through the main menu to Math- KeyMath. Once student is in KeyMath TVI will verbally describe step-by-step commands on how to create a new expression, graph the expression, and delete the expression. new expression SPACE WITH N, graph viewer ENTER WITH G, once in graph view student will be able to explore the zoom options both in and out to view the expression that was graphed. Once student has successfully graphed the expression y=2x+3 they will learn the short key and delete expression BACKSPACE WITH DOTS 2-3-5-6. They will complete the guided practice on their own to open the Math from the main menu, practice writing an expression, graphing it and then deleting it. Expression: y=2x+3

Teaching – checking for understanding:
The teacher will assess the student while they write, graph, and delete the expression y=2x+3. TVI will correct any mistakes while student is working to graph in KeyMath. Student will be able to ask questions at any time if they are having trouble understanding something. The teacher should constantly monitor the student’s understanding throughout the lesson.

Guided practice:
The student will complete the worksheets provided. The teacher will observe him doing this and prompt him to correct any mistakes as he makes them. If the student is really struggling the teacher will attempt a verbal directions or step-by-step instructions if needed

  1. 3x-4y=1
  2. 5x+3=y
  3. 6x+2=5
  4. 10y-7x=2

The teacher will ask the student what they learned and how they think the Monarch is helpful at relying on the information for graphing. The teacher will also have the student describe any struggles they had with completing the task without the Monarch.

Independent practice:
The student will be asked to attempt the techniques he has learned with graphing in class.

The student may be given half the assignment and extra time to complete depending on how many expressions to solve.

Data Collection:
The students’ knowledge of Nemeth Code and graphing expressions will be assessed on the following criteria. This lesson will be repeated and the students Monarch knowledge on Math Shortcuts will be compared over time.
Math Short Cut
Graph Viewer
Y. N
Math Short Cut
New Expression
SPACE WITH N Comments:
Y. N
Math Short Cut
Modify expression:
ENTER Comments:
Y. N
Math Short Cut
Delete Expression
BACKSPACE WITH DOTS 2-3-5-6 Comments:
Y. N
Math Short Cut
Delete all expressions:
Y. N


In Action

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@chale My student doesn’t have an functional vision. He currently is using the Mantis Q40. He likes that it is smaller and more portable than the Monarch. We have talked about how the Monarch needs to have a bag provided or at least a handle. It is very big and bulky. I agree with you on that aspect. But, the graphics Tactile Graphics are a game changer for my student especially with math concepts and graphing in general. Before we used a pegboard with thumbtacks. This is so much more accessible!

That’s so wonderful to hear! Do you create the math graphics and put them in. Mine has an issue with the volume, so it can’t read the plot points. I have talked with APH, but have not found success with getting it to work.
Has anyone else had an issue?