Monarch training in MD - March 2024

Just going through introductory training on the Chameleon.

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Me too, Karen! See you there!

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I’m looking forward to the Monarch training, but am a little nervous!! I have had a student use the Chameleon in the past, so I am a little bit familiar with it. I currently have a student using a Focus 40, but think the Monarch would benefit her. I’m wondering how easy it’ll be to transition her and/or have access to both devices so she can choose what she wants to use…

I hope that you will enjoy the training and find it easy to follow and use in your work! I think that you will have a wonderful time there, and that you will find that all of your experience and your student’s experience will really benefit both of you. This is a great place for continuing to ask questions and help others who may also not be sure yet what to expect, and we look forward to hearing more from you as you go through the training and Monarch journey.