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I have several students who are progressing through the gen ed curriculum and I am looking for best tools to advocate for. I recently saw the math window at a conference but I have also ordered the Cubarithm Slate and cubes for my student to use as we transition more toward braille. I was interested to see if anyone had tried both to see which was easier for the student to use and be included in classroom instruction. I was also wondering which you liked best and why. Also hoping to see if there were resources out there about using the cubarithm and how to teach with it or incoperate it into lessons etc…

I have both and have (attempted) to use both. My student did not like the Cubarithm because it 1)requires very good placement, 2) place to keep them secure when not using, and finally 3) more patience than she possesses (OK - I added that last one). She did comment that the dots were easier to read than the Math Window. She preferred Math Window because it was easier to manipulate the magnets and she could keep them organized the way she liked them. She could flip over the board to use and this saved lots of time. Also we would keep an example of a problem she was working on for reference. Also can make magnetic ‘cheat’ sheets when learning new concepts to place on the Window. Finally, when my student moved from middle to high school, using the algebra tiles was more streamlined. Hope this info helps a little.

Most of my students have preferred the Math Window vs. the Cubarithm Slate and cubes - mostly because of ease of usability. My students mainly only used the Cubarithm slate and cubes while learning how to align numbers up for various problems. I feel the Math Window (braille/print and the large print versions) definitely helped my students with working more efficiently in solving problems - much faster than if they were using the braillewriter (or even writing out the problem by hand). My students also liked that they could use one side of the magnetic board to organize all the tiles and work out the problem on the other side.

My experiences are the same as others. Math Window > Cubarithm Slate and Cubes in every experience where we have tried both.

Question for all…
What is the best scientific calculator to use for someone who is significantly visually impaired, but doesn’t want to use the talking calculator? Are there any apps that work well on the iPad that my student could manipulate size on? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have used the talking calculator app for my blind student and it has good colors and can be run in silent mode. They also make a scientific app. It is a small fee but is nice without ads. I attached a screen shot of the scientific calculator app.

Though it doesn’t let you change the size

Thank you for your feedback! We will have to try this one!