Frequently Asked Questions about the Hive Summer Cohort

A place to find answers for common questions!

Are other type of credits available, I don’t need ACVERP?

Continuing Education Units for the renewal of a state’s educator certificate are awarded following individual state’s guidelines. Each state has different guidelines, but many certifying offices accept Hive course certificates in place of Continuing Education Units.

Participants should verify that a local school district/organization is willing to accept the certificate for the course completed. If approved, each course offers a certificate of completion detailing the total number of professional learning hours, which can be submitted to local certifying offices in lieu of CEUs.

To be eligible for a Certificate of Completion you must:

  • Watch the course videos, which include Check Your Understanding questions

  • Pass the Assessment

  • Submit a Follow-up Activity for approval

  • Complete a satisfaction survey

Here is a brief blog post about CEUs and the APH Hive:

How will I access the reading materials for the Cohort?

Accessible reading materials will be sent to participants who have enrolled in the Cohort. There is no need to purchase access.


I have a vacation planned during one week of the Cohort. Will I be able to make up the week?

Yes! The Cohort is asynchronous, which allows you the flexibility to work ahead or catch up as needed to fit your schedule. Since discussion board posts are an integral part of the Cohort, we recommend that you don’t get too far ahead or behind. Don’t forget to submit your weekly check-in forms that correspond to the week you are completing!

Weekly Check-in forms for enrolled cohort participants