Frequently Asked Questions about the Hive Summer Cohort

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I also have not received the email with the readings attached and am unable to log in to the one drive. I was hoping to get lesson one completed before the holiday weekend.
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I am using JAWS 2024 to access the discussion board. Are there any tips to navigating the various threads? I see posts that have replies and press the spacebar to access these replies, but JAWS jumps me to the top of the page. Any assistance navigating the discussion board would be greatly appreciated.

You can try using R to navigate by region. In general the Regions are organized in pairs for each post. There is a region that includes the body of the post and a region for the actions that can be taken with a post, for example reply and like. With the Navigation region using B to explore the buttons gives more context.

You can use your down arrow to explore what is in the post region and the navigation region.

Hi Sharon,

Here are a few more tips for JAWS:

To respond to a topic:

  1. Press H to move to the top of the topics list
  2. If you continue to press H, you can move to each of the topic links (shift + H will move you backward through the topics)
  3. If you press Enter to activate a topic’s link, you can then use H to move to the top of the topic and then H again to move to the beginning of each person’s reply
  4. There is a Reply button for your own comments but there are also a lot of Reply links - one for every person who has already commented on the topic. I opened a Virtual HTML features list with Insert + F3, then pressed Enter on Buttons, then End, then up arrow a few times to find the Reply button. This way I was able to skip all of the individual reply links.

For a new topic:

  1. Open a form fields list with Insert + F5
  2. Locate New Button
  3. Press Enter twice, once to move to the button and once to activate it
  4. You should be automatically located in a Title edit box where you can type your post subject
  5. If you tab down several times (it takes me four times to get there), there should also be an area where you can type your message
  6. With one more tab, there should be a Create Topic button

I hope this is helpful! Please let us know what else will assist you.

Good morning! I did get the email with the readings for the first week, but I am not able to access the One Drive link. I get the following message:
“Selected user account does not exist in tenant ‘American Printing House for the Blind Inc.’ and cannot access the application ‘00000003-0000-0ff1-ce00-000000000000’ in that tenant. The account needs to be added as an external user in the tenant first. Please use a different account.”

After reviewing all the prior questions about access and all my materials sent from APH I still CANNOT access the Sage Journal articles. I see the link. I try to copy/paste AND free type the link and am taken to the article but it continues to ask me for access which I do not have. Can anyone help with a new approach?
thank you!

We are currently working on a password protected website to host the articles since we have had so many technical issues with the OneDrive folder. I am privately messaging folks links to the readings for week one. If you still cannot access the articles, please let me know and Ill send a message privately through the discussion board.

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All of the links in the syllabus to Sage articles will take you to the publisher’s website. If you have a subscription you can log in to review the article. For those without access, you may use the OneDrive link if that works for you or check your email for the attached HTML and PDF files. The Sage articles provided by APH have been remediated for accessibility.


Thank you for the JAWS tips. If I want to read the replies from others on posts that are not my own, is there a way to see the original post and the responses to it? When I press spacebar on the button that has the number of replies, JAWS bounces me to the beginning of the list rather than the list of responses.

Thank you for your assistance.


This is something I’m working to capture to send to the developers of the site to make better. But here is a not great option. I’m hoping others can chime in with a better way.

You will need to expand the reply toggle, Jaws tells me it is not pressed. Pressing space bar will expand it.

Now the focus isn’t on what was just expanded, instead you have to go through the other post options using tab until you find the link “Jump to Posts original location” use the space bar to go there. Edited to add: Another thing to try is once you hear the Jump to the post link, ignore it. Use your down arrow to see if you can read the post.

Edited to add, this is not consistent and I’m often bumped to the top of the page. I researching this to find a better way.

Am I able to have the week 2 readings emailed to me? (
I do not have access to the One Drive and I am still getting the error message and I do not have a subscription to the database.

Thank you for any guidance you can provide!

When will the readings for week 2 be emailed to us?

I am wondering the same thing. Nothing has come across my email.

While we work to establish an alternate hosting site for our readings, all readings have been sent out as email attachments. Be sure to check your spam/junk to see if you’ve received them!

Some of the difficulty with navigation may be what you encounter after you press Space to expand the button with the number of replies. There are at least four icon buttons, often more, before you even reach the name of the person who made the first reply. These include options to like a post (and the number of likes if there are any), copy, show more, and reply - and there may be even more of these icons. Then you find the replier’s name, perhaps a little bit of information about that person, then “Jump to post,” then perhaps the name of the person being replied to, and then finally the reply. So it takes a while to get there using Tab or Down arrow. You can get to the actual text of the replies a little more quickly, and it appears with consistency, by using P for Paragraph, then Down arrow to move through the reply’s text. When you come to “Collapse embedded replies button” you’ll know you’ve come to the end of the replies. Because the page is set up so that replies appear in chronological order, rather than with their original posts, it is difficult to connect everything no matter what system you are using but at least you can more easily associate each new post with its immediate replies using this method.

Am frustrated as I cannot download the attached articles not as PDF’s or html. The two articles: What Does Research Tell Us… & Are You Communicating state the title and nothing else. Also, I have not been able to view a video. Am following behind for week 2. Please advise. Thank you.

Thank you for this explanation.