Course Discussion: Module 5, I Feel the Need … The Need for Speed

I Feel the Need … The Need for Speed

  1. Create an addition and subtraction problem for the purpose of teaching carrying complements across columns. Be sure to not make it too complex and include at least 4 addends/subtrahends.

  2. Which fluency strategy works for building your abacus skills?

  3. Construct a timeline for a student on your caseload learning the abacus based on what they currently know.

  1. 31+37+34
  2. One strategy that works for building abacus fluency is repeatative number addition and subtraction.
  3. For my student, I see some splinter skills. She is currently able to add and subtract two digit numbers that don’t require any regrouping. She needs to go back and learn the 5 and 10 compliments with objects, before or in unison with the abacus. Her movements and computation processes are slow, so she would also benefit from consistant daily practice.
    Review foundations (1 month)
    Compliments of 10 (2 months)
    Compliments of 5 (3 months)
    100’s (3 months)
    Multiplication (5 months) Hopefully she will be able to move here at this point. She is currently working on memorizing her multiplication facts.
    The biggest hurdle I see to this time line, is buy in from the district/classroom teacher. As an itinerant, I can’t be there all the time and I frequently find that staff does not follow through on practice, even when instruction and materials are provided.

Hi Lynda!
You have a great example of a problem with carrying across columns.
Your timeline sounds great. Might I suggest getting your student the Practice2Master Abacus app and loading banks of problems to practice around those special complements? Also, a chart for her to track that she practiced for 10 minutes helps as well.