Course Discussion: Module 1, Abacus Beginnings

Abacus Beginnings

  1. Identify evaluations or describe student characteristics you have used to determine if a student on your caseload will be taught to use an abacus. Based on what you learned from this module, what might you do differently?

  2. Are you comfortable using the correct fingers to move the beads? Do you see this as a positive or barrier when working with students?

  3. At this point in your learning, compare using the Partner Method to the Counting Method.

  4. Create a problem with five single digits, addition and subtraction, and no complementary number movements.

My daughter is 10 and uses the partner method on the abacus. We are both comfortable using the correct fingers to move the beads. She did use the counting method initially and will sometimes revert back. But the counting method is so much slower. 9-2+1-6+5=7

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Hi Kimberly!
When did your daughter switch to using the partner method more than the counting method?

I am not sure but I don’t remeber her doing exercises like these and I think they would have helped. Not only with finger placement but also learning the fast facts.