Student age

What’s the youngest age of a student you might consider for introducing a Chameleon to? Do you think it’s ok to introduce this device to a first grader still learning braille or should I wait?

There’s some fun activities you can use a Chamaeleon or other refreshable braille display for with students in preschool. You get the auditory and tactile feedback of the alphabet and common words like their name. If you have read word under cursor turned on, they can press a cursor around and key over where to hear it. Read aloud.

I really like that idea of introducing the device and the fun games for younger students in preschool or kindergarten. I am so impressed with what I have learned so far about the Chameleon through these trainings.


This is a great idea! The preschool and kindergarten students really had fun with these activities!

I have taught the Braillenote Touch to students in Kindergarten. I have not taught the Cameleon but they are similar and I believe that preschool students would definitely be able to use one it would enable even young children to access braille along with their sighted peers in a print-rich way by reinforcing preschool skills in a fun auditory-braille beginning reader tactile way!