Mastering the Monarch: General Discussion

New Course Launch on August 1st, 2024

Course Description: Mastering the Monarch offers a series of short video modules exploring the use of the Monarch multiline braille display, guiding participants through navigation, customization, digital resource access, document management, tactile graphics, and mathematical features. This course aims to boost proficiency in the use of the Monarch and leverage its capabilities for enhanced braille and tactile literacy.

ACVREP Credit Hours: 1.5


  • Demonstrate the ability to operate the Monarch as a stand-alone device exhibiting skills in navigating and utilizing its key features.

  • Configure and personalize the Monarch’s settings to meet individual user preferences, including selecting braille codes, adjusting user settings, configuring Wi-Fi, and managing updates.

  • Connect the Monarch to and use online services and applications such as Bookshare and TIGL

  • Create, edit, and save documents using the Monarch’s Editor and File Manager

  • Identify the Monarch features for inputting and interpreting mathematical content and graphs

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