Point of View of Braillist-Monarch-software for graphics

It sounds like a new tool for students to use.
If our students have the monarch, what type of software is needed to produce braille and tactile graphics? Will it work with what we have already?
For example various software: Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Braille Blaster, Firebird, Ink Scape, Tactile View, and Adobe Illustrator. Or the only resource is aph-TGIL or Complete something NEW! “E-BRL”
I’m happy that students will be able to have tactile graphics sooner rather than later!
so many questions from the point of view of the braillist.
We will just have to wait and see!

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This is a great topic!
Here is a little that might help.
The Monarch has the capability of displaying any of the following file types in tactile graphic form, if a tactile graphic is made using these file types:
• SVG will be supported but more work needs to be done here

we’ll be releasing guidelines for how to make the best graphic for your Monarch as time progresses. Because of the above file types, this means you can use, Inkscape, Tiger Designer, Corel Draw, and Word are your best options for graphics creation. Your options open up with JPG and PNG but you run into issues with braille. Today if you want to use braille 29 font, it is recommended to use PDF to add braille labels into your graphic.

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This response is very helpful, thanks!
How does MS Word work? I thought a PDF could only dispaly ready made graphics? It’s great because a teacher could email an already made diagram or throw it in a USB. I do feel that math graphics are better with tape and raised dots. The Monarch could potentially add another layer of difficulty. This is unless of course a student has good tactile discrimination skills and they are also familiar with the device.