Meet your Southcentral Outreach Specialist

Stephanie Walker, Outreach Specialist, Southcentral Region

Stephanie represents Serving Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas. Stephanie’s professional career in the field of visual impairments began with a Master of Arts in Special Education with a focus on Visual Impairments and Orientation & Mobility from Texas Tech University. Her experience working with students with visual impairments extends over 18 years and includes serving as a Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments and O&M Specialist. Before obtaining her master’s degree, Stephanie was a junior high special education teacher. She has been the webmaster for Texas AER for several years and is enrolled in an educational diagnostician program at Texas A&M Commerce University. She recently served as the State Lead for the Texas Sensory Support Network with ESC Region 11, providing technical assistance and professional development across Texas. She was an author for the Texas 2 STEPS Assessment and Curriculum; has served as the Southern representative on the Colorado Vision Coalition and the advisory board for ECI of North-Central Texas. Stephanie currently resides in Texas. She has 24 hens, two roosters, a turkey, two dogs, and six kids. You can contact Stephanie at

Checking in to say hello from the APH Annual Meeting. Met Stephanie Walker in person!

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Hi! This is Allison Trammell, from San Antonio, Texas, and with Texas HHSC account. I’m currently at new EOT training and enjoying this awesome introduction to APH! I also was able to meet Stephanie, so I’m grateful!

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