Getting Started with the Mantis Q40: General Discussion

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Course Description: Become proficient on the Mantis Q40 with this course for teachers, parents, and anyone working with a Mantis Q40 user. Enroll to become familiar with the device and learn its functions as a stand-alone device and as a refreshable braille display.

ACVREP credit hours: 2.5


*Operate the Mantis as a stand-alone device and through terminal mode as a refreshable braille display connected to a Host device
*Create, edit, and save documents using the Editor and File Manager
*Transfer books from external drives, read, highlight, and create bookmarks in the Library
*Connect to Online services such as Bookshare and NFB-Newsline
*Identify Settings to meet user preferences including choosing braille codes, user settings, Wifi, and updates.


I thought I would only use my Mantis as a refreshable braille display connected to my computer. BUT at a conference I love being able to pull it out and quickly make some notes that I can transfer to my computer later. Takes way less time than pulling out my compter!

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