Evaluation and Treatment of Children with CVI: General Discussion

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Course Description: Cerebral Visual Impairment is the most common cause of visual impairment in children. Because evaluation and treatment continue to evolve, educators need access to updated information. Enroll in this course and explore current methods of how children are diagnosed and how educators play a role with assessment and intervention strategies. (Note: Special thanks to KAER for the sharing of state conference 2021 content.)

ACVREP credit hours: 2.5


  • Discuss 3 goals for children with CVI.
  • Describe 6 validated screening tools.
  • Compare and contrast functions of the ventral stream and dorsal stream.
  • Describe how adaptations to both the environment and toys/objects impact a child’s ability to complete a task.
  • Identify assessment tools and methods used to collect data on visual function.
  • Differentiate interventions that promote visual development.
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