Building Accessible PowerPoints: General Discussion

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Course Description: PowerPoints by Microsoft are one of the most popular tools used to organize lessons, meetings and presentations in the educational setting. They are even used to create handouts! This course will walk through the steps to make PowerPoint files more accessible for those participants with low or no vision.

ACVREP Credit Hours: 1.5


  • Learners will identify which text colors, sizes, and animations are best for audiences with low vision.
  • Learners will distinguish between layouts and experiment with checking order of slide content.
  • Learners will identify the two reasons for alternative text, locate where to place alternative text, and design alternative text.
  • Learners will identify what type of tables to include and how to make them accessible for audiences using screen readers.
  • Learners will create accessible links in PowerPoints.
  • Learners will identify two ways to check PowerPoints for accessibility.

I thought I new how to make ppts accessible, but I learned a few new tips from this!

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This is a great course! Highly recommend!

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Great course!

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