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Dear esteemed Community Members,

Welcome to our General Code Jumper Discussion! We sincerely appreciate you taking the time from your busy schedules to engage in this vibrant discussion board. Our main focus here is to share and exchange all things related to Code Jumper. Whether you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate, or a power user of Code Jumper, we at APH hope that this board becomes a cherished space where you return frequently to share ideas, custom sound sets (we’ll delve deeper into this in a future post), exciting activities, and connect with fellow Code Jumper enthusiasts!

Let’s kick things off by introducing ourselves! Follow these simple steps to do so:

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  2. Answer the following questions: a) What is your job title? b) What area of the country or world do you work in? c) Rate yourself as a beginner, intermediate, or power user of Code Jumper!

As an ‘extra credit’ step, show your support and camaraderie by ‘replying’ to at least one other person’s comment. You can choose from options like sending an emoji, sharing your experience if you’ve visited their area, or simply saying ‘hello’ or ‘nice to meet you virtually’!

That’s it for today’s post! Don’t forget to check back next week when we’ll delve into ‘Code Jumper, what you need to know’!

Happy Coding!

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Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments; I live in the Southeast part of the United States: I am BEGINNER user of Code Jumper and often intimidated even getting acquainted with its use.


Welcome @acampbell! Thank you for sharing more about yourself! By rating yourself as a beginner, intermediate, or power user of Code Jumper, we can tailor our posts and topics to you! Check back weekly for posts to help you feel more comfortable on your journey to code! Happy Coding :woman_technologist:t4:

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Good Morning! I am a TVI and COMS in Texas and I love code jumper! I learn something new every day, so I still consider myself to be an intermediate user of Code Jumper. I look forward to making new connections with teachers using code jumper.


Welcome, Stephanie!

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