Evaluating Independent Living Skills: General Discussion

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Course Description: The Functional Skills Assessment (FSA) is a tool for evaluating independent living skills for students in primary grades, middle school, secondary school, and those preparing for post-secondary transition programs. This course will unpack FSA components, address ways to adapt the FSA, and feature how programs have applied its use when working with students.

ACVREP Credit Hours: 1.5


  • Identify 4 components of the Functional Skills Assessment.
  • Examine 3 examples of how the Functional Skills Assessment tool can be used in educational settings.
  • Identify 2 ways to share Functional Skills Assessment materials and data with educational team members.

The four components of the Functional Skills Assessment are: clothing management, self management, home management, and food management.
The functional Skills Assessment tool can be used to monitor and score multiple students simultaneously. It also provides a straight-forward scoring system for instructors to evaluate students’ skills and progress on different functions, such as washing hands. The FSA focuses on necessary skills not normally taught in the classroom, but may not be being taught at home to a disabled student.
The results of the FSA can be included in the IEP for evaluation by other education staff. You may use the online website to keep track of and share this data, and also the physical forms from the book; the physical version might be better for scoring in real time, depending on what technology is available to staff in different schools and settings.

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