Educational Robotics survey

My name is Kate Campbell and I’m reaching out regarding the ongoing research project led by Dr. Caroline Hardin at Western Washington University, focusing on the impact of educational robots on accessibility in education, particularly for students with special needs.

We are actively seeking input from in-service and pre-service educators, as well as individuals using educational robots in an educational context. Your support in connecting us with potential participants would be greatly appreciated and contribute significantly to the success of our project.

We’re planning to use the information gathered to create at-a-glance sheets for educational robots so that we can make including them into curriculum more seamless.

Educational robots are tools designed for educational purposes, offering hands-on, interactive opportunities to engage in various subjects. They can encompass a wide range of devices; they are not limited to electronic or battery-operated devices. Some common examples would be:

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Bee-Bot Programmable and Rechargeable Robot

Ozobot Robots to code and create with

You can find the survey at this link:

Thank you for considering this, and I’m eager to hear your thoughts.

Best regards,

Kate Campbell | She/Her/Hers
Index In Bounds | Research Assistant
Western Washington University