Simplifying the Barraga Visual Efficiency Program: General Discussion

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Course Description: Determining a student’s visual efficiency needs can be done with ease and practicality using the product The Barraga Visual Efficiency Program. Enroll in this course to learn how to quickly utilize this program’s tools and resources within a school district’s existing evaluation process, which then guides the educational team to determine intervention needs. For more detailed information about this product and implementation of use, please refer to the course From Evaluation to Instruction Using the Barraga Visual Efficiency Program.

ACVREP Credit Hours: 1.0


  • Identify product pieces of the Barraga Visual Efficiency Program.
  • Describe the meaning of visual efficiency as it relates to the 3 Component Model of Vision.
  • Examine how information gathered using the Activity Inventory and Intervention Guide fits within the Functional Vision Assessment.
  • Determine accommodations and instructional needs based on information recorded in the Intervention Guide.